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Trent Law And Employment Law: How We Can Help

We will all encounter issues in the workplace at some point, whether they involve a manager treating you unfairly, an employee not doing their job properly or a colleague acting inappropriately towards you. What you may not know is that these issues could potentially be breaching employment law, meaning that you may be eligible for compensation, or the other party may have acted illegally. When dealing with a confusing legal situation, it is rarely beneficial to handle the repercussions alone. At Trent Law, we offer tailored services to a range of clients including corporate managers dealing with settlement agreements, wrongfully dismissed employees and candidates who have been treated unfairly during the hiring process.

Continue reading to discover how our large team of experienced specialists can help with your employment law queries and immediate workplace issues.

What Is Employment Law?

Employment law is legislation which governs employer to employee relationships, with a lot of laws in The United Kingdom existing to protect worker and employer’s rights. Employers and employees have a duty to abide by employment law and it’s important to have a good understanding of legal obligations. Employment law exists as a regulatory measure, and by complying with it, both employers and staff can ensure that hiring processes, dismissal procedures and their workplace as a whole are fair for every individual. Employment law also importantly helps to combat discrimination, promoting equality at work.


Redundancy can be a complex area of law, making it especially important for any employer to know the process and procedures to follow. Workers will have all manner of employment rights, and the circumstances may mean that an employer has breached them in some way. Employers will need to follow a specific redundancy process and consult with staff before making any decision, so it is useful to know the intricacies of the procedure beforehand. Redundancy may be unfair if your employer fails to follow a fair selection process before making their decision, it will certainly be categorised as unfair if the reasons were discriminatory, or in response to a reasonable request, such as asking for a statutory right to be honoured.


Discrimination can come in many forms, and may become apparent during the hiring process or during continuous employment with a company. Some of the most common forms of workplace discrimination include race discrimination, gender discrimination, disability discrimination and discrimination related to pregnancy. Often this can lead to the recipient feeling targeted and isolated, resulting in further issues arising. Discrimination may be subtle and covert, such as favourable treatment to a certain group of people, unintentionally acting in a way which could be classified as harassment, or continually making comments to someone about a protected charecteristic. If you feel that you have been discriminated against in the workplace, talk to a knowledgeable legal professional for clarity.

Breach Of Contract

Breach of contract constitutes an employee or employer violating a previously agreed term or condition within a binding contract. This could include all manner of stipulations, such as late or underpayment, to changes in working hours and leaving without sufficient notice. We understand that contracts can be difficult to make sense of, with legal and industry-specific terminology often making it a task to understand the specifics of the document. 40 years of experience within the team has seen us tackle a huge number of contract breaches, meaning that we know what to expect. Though some contracts allow the employer to make changes, if yours doesn't, you and your employer must agree to any alterations.

Unfair Dismissal

Unfair or wrongful dismissal will likely be the outcome if you have been removed from a position of employment as a circumstance of something unrelated to your job performance. An employer may not give honest feedback on the reasons for your dismissal, so it is important to weigh up your options if you think that the real reason may be classed as automatically unfair or based on discrimination of some sort. Employees retain the right not to be treated unfairly because of a health and safety issue that they have highlighted, for example complaining about the working conditions or mentioning procedures at work which they believe to be unsafe.

Our Areas Of Expertise

As a diverse team of legal professionals, we cover many areas of the law, from family law, to legislation around property. If you are seeking the assistance of a professional solicitor, it is likely we provide the right guidance for you. Below are just some of the highly-regarded additional services that we are proud to offer:

Family law covers areas of legislation related to divorce, separation, annulment and various family matters involving children. You shouldn’t have to face lengthy and complex legal matters alone, which is why our team of family attorneys are here to offer guidance. At Trent Law, we are experienced at providing legal advice on family law matters, whether that be information regarding a child custody case or representation at court.

Immigration law consultation may involve discussing legal matters around work visas, dependant visas, human rights breaches and citizenship queries. Striving to constantly make our service as affordable as we can, we provide a fixed cost fee for all immigration cases. Initial immigration consultations will be charged at £100+VAT, a cost credited towards your subsequent fee if further instructed.

Personal injury services from Trent Law will give you peace of mind that you have the most experienced and trustworthy legal professionals on your side. If you have been injured as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you may be entitled to a form of compensation. If you’re not sure whether you can make a claim, our solicitors will assist you, taking into account a number of factors. Initially, we will assess the incident with you free of charge before deciding if we can take your case.

Specialists in wills and probate will have all the information you need when it comes to your future and family. Putting a legal framework in place is important when it comes to topics as important as drafting a will or administering your estate, and we always try to provide you with a fixed fee estimate of the costs you can expect.

When dealing with overseas matters, a Notary Public is often required to authenticate and verify documents. Able to prepare, validate and certify documents under an official seal, our legal professionals may be able to assist you if you regularly deal with trading abroad. It is likely that you will need the services of a Notary Public in order to correctly complete transactions from outside of The UK

Trent Law: Constructive Dismissal And Redundancy Agreement Specialists

At Trent Law Solicitor, we have a team of experienced legal professionals who are passionate about the work we do. As a highly innovative law practice, we commit to providing a reliable service to clients, ensuring satisfaction at a reasonable price. Our tailored approach ensures that we can assist all manner of clients through their legal journey, and achieve the ideal outcome they are looking for. Over 40 years of experience in offering legal advice means that our team are well-equipped to serve you, with solicitors, trainee solicitors, associates and paralegals all receiving extensive training before working on anything.

Regardless of your situation, we offer trusted specialists to help you with anything, be it seeking advice on your business, settlement agreements or buying a house. Our professionals are able to provide legal advice in a palatable and easy to understand way, cutting out the jargon and making it clear what your options are. Working with both employees and employers, we endeavour to cover all areas of employment law. Whether you have questions about wrongful dismissal, redundancy agreements or workplace discrimination, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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