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Power of Attorney


It is not a nice scenario to imagine, that you or someone you care about might one day not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves. So here at Trent Law, we offer a friendly, understanding and personal experience to guide you through this process.


A Power of Attorney is a document which we can provide clients to give legal authority to the people that you trust in order to deal with things like your property, financial affairs and also decisions regarding your health and welfare.


Lasting Power of Attorney (For Property & Financial affairs)


Lasting Power of Attorney (For Health & Welfare)


Enduring Power of Attorney (For Abroad only use)

How we can help

We offer fixed cost for most of our standard services, which includes the entire work from start to finish. Included in our costs are also any necessary appointments, consultations and telephone calls. To remain impartial, we only draft power of attorney and ask you to arrange certification yourself, we then register the same with Office of Public Guardian. We charge £300 + VAT for single power of attorney. To register, you will have to pay registration fee on top.

​​For all other enquiries, or to book an appointment with one of our solicitors, please contact us via the details provided below or in the Contact section.

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