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How To Screen For A Tenant

When deciding upon the tenants for your property, there are likely to be a number of desirable qualities and attributes to look out for in candidates. Most landlords will expect a tenant to be tidy and polite, able to pay rent on time and communicate maintenance issues when appropriate. When having the final say during the selection process, the power is in your hands. During this period, a landlord should keep in mind that there are legalities to account for, and it is unlawful to discriminate against anyone with protected characteristics. If you have any queries about your legal rights as a landlord or as a tenant, Trent Law solicitors are the experienced legal professionals to utilise. We can help with matters including the eviction process, family law and independent legal advice.

Continue reading for crucial advice when screening for a potential tenant.

Ask The Right Questions

No doubt there will be hundreds of questions you want to ask a potential tenant, but there are of course legalities around confidentiality as well as topics a candidate may not want to discuss. Some of the most common questions to ask a potential tenant which can assist with the selection process include:

● What is your ideal moving date?

● Do you plan on moving any pets into the property?

● How many people will be living in the rental property?

● What is your monthly income?

These questions all comply with legislation, and should give you added information on a candidate.

Set Your Requirements

Setting your requirements early should ensure you have an idea of the ideal candidate at an early stage, and sticking to that criteria will give you a set of information to base your decision on. The desirable attributes of a tenant will often include:

● Inclusion of an honest and detailed application.

● A clean eviction record.

● Good credit history.

● Respectful demeanour.

Depending on your property and individual requirements, there are likely to be other criteria worth accounting for, so note this down or consider it before starting the screening procedures.


Tenant referencing may involve a number of additional checks, such as talking to previous landlords or letting agents, contacting referees cited on an application or talking to employers past and present. A landlord should always ensure that they are respecting a potential tenant’s privacy and complying with legislation fully. Talking to a legal professional is advisable if you have any doubts about the way you are handling an application or have been treated.

At Trent Law solicitors, we are an innovative and dependable law practice, committed to providing a reliable service at a reasonable price. Ensuring high client satisfaction by offering bespoke and independent legal advice relevant to your situation, we assist clients through any legal obstacles that arise. With a high percentage of positive outcomes for our clients, choose us for a tailored legal service in the Nottingham area. Contact us today for more information on our team’s varied areas of expertise, including family law and immigration law.

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