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Our team of professional commercial law solicitors have plenty of years of experience tending to a wide range of Business services. Using their extensive experience and knowledge, our solicitors are fully commited to offering the best service possible. Our legal team have up to 30 years of experience as commercial law solicitors and can ensure that any other caseworkers and members of staff are appropriately supervised to provide you with only the very best quality of advice. Our team will be able to assist you with anything from rent deposit deeds and transfer of lease, to business sale and purchase and option agreements.

​Business Services

New Lease


Assignment of Lease




Surrender of Lease


Sale & Purchase Agreement


Company Formation


Transfer of Shares

We try to make our services as accessible as possible, which is why we offer a fixed cost for most of our services, covering everything from start to finish. This includes any necessary appointments, consultations and telephone calls. Take a look at our quote calculator below to give you an idea of how much our commercial law solicitors charge.

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