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Independent Legal Advice


At Trent Law, our solicitors can provide you Independent Legal Advice (ILA) on Settlement Agreement, Directors Guarantee, Personal Guarantee, buying through Company, Occupiers Consent and cover much more situations.

How we can help

Independent Legal Advice (ILA) Certificates are usually required in the following circumstances:

  • When you are purchasing a property through a company where directors are acting as guarantors for mortgage or a loan, we charge £360 (inclusive of any VAT) and £180 (inclusive of any VAT) for each additional ILA.

  • Another freeholder of the property where you also live has applied for a mortgage or loan and the lender has asked you (the occupier) to produce an ILA. This is also usually called Occupier Consent. We charge £240 (inclusive of any VAT).

  • Your employer has agreed to settle your employment with or without redundancy and has asked you to seek an ILA on Settlement Agreement. Depending on the complexity of the agreement our fee varies, the minimum we charge is £600 (inclusive of any VAT).

Where possible and permissible we may carry out some or all of these services remotely using video conference.

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