Conveyancing Solicitors


Here at Trent Law, our professional and experienced team of property conveyancing lawyers provide a wide range of legal services. Perhaps you require assistance from a residential property solicitor? Maybe you need to sort your mortgage out? Or maybe you need a conveyancer to assist your property sale and draw up a legal contract. If any of these apply to you then our team is on hand to make sure you are supported every step of the way. Our highly professional conveyancing solicitors will be more than happy to undertake the house conveyancing process from the beginning to the end.


Please see our Conveyancing Guide for timescales and key stages.

If you are looking for a solicitor to assist you with an auction property we are happy to represent you.  However, we do ask that you speak to us before you attend the auction to discuss details and your quote.  If this is not possible we will require you to get in touch and formally instruct us within 36 hours of the auction ending, otherwise we reserve the right to decline your instructions.


Our property conveyancing services include:








To get a quote for our conveyancing services, get in touch. Our standard services come at a fixed cost and cover necessary appointments, consultations and telephone calls.