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How Can An Immigration Lawyer Help You?

Immigration lawyers work on a wide variety of areas including spousal visa applications, work visa applications and applications for indefinite leave to remain. In addition to assisting with applications, immigration lawyers often provide representation for clients at hearings and tribunals. Offering a wide range of legal services, an immigration lawyer can provide clear guidance on the options available relating to complex immigration issues.

Read more below for some further information on some different applications that an immigration lawyer can provide assistance with.

Spousal Visa Applications

A spousal visa is a type of family visa and can be made by the spouse of a person who is settled in the UK. There are a number of requirements in order to successfully apply for a spousal visa including either having lived together for more than 2 years at the time of application, being in a marriage or civil partnership that is recognised in the UK or having plans to enter into a marriage or civil partnership within 6 months of entering the UK. An immigration lawyer can advise on the full requirements for a successful spousal visa application in addition to assisting with making an application.

Work Visa Applications

There are a number of different visas available providing the right to work within the UK. There are a number of tiers for different work visas with differing requirements for each tier. There are also options for long term work visas which can be sponsored by UK employers Discussing the different options available with an immigration lawyer can help with gaining a clear understanding of the requirements for different work visa applications and provide clear guidance on the next steps.

Applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain

An application for indefinite leave to remain in the UK is made with the aim of settling in the UK. Depending on your circumstances there are different routes to apply for indefinite leave to remain. One of the factors which can impact the type of application that is made is whether or not the applicant has a visa and what type of visa they have. In order to understand the right application to make, it is important to seek professional legal advice. An immigration lawyer will provide clear guidance on the legal options available.

Get in Touch

At Trent Law, we are committed to providing affordable legal services. An initial immigration consultation with one of our immigration solicitors at Trent Law is charged at £100+VAT. If we are instructed further, this will be credited towards future costs. To get in touch and book in an initial consultation in Nottingham, Derby or Sheffield call us on 0333 3444 397 or fill out the form on our contact page and one of our team will get back to you.

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