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Miss. Sophie Herberts

LLB (Hons), Paralegal

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Sophie Herberts represents a bright and ambitious addition to the Trent Law Sheffield office team, having joined us in 2023 as a Paralegal. With an LLB degree from Nottingham Trent University achieved in 2023, Miss. Herberts has laid a solid foundation for her legal career. Currently, Miss. Herberts is further enriching her legal expertise by pursuing the Legal Practice Course and Master of Laws at the University of Law (Sheffield) on a part-time basis. This commitment to continuing education alongside her responsibilities at Trent Law exemplifies her dedication to personal and professional development. Her goal to secure a training contract with our firm underscores her ambition to become a solicitor, a path we are keenly supportive of. Her aspirations, both within and outside the legal sphere, mirror the balance we strive for at Trent Law, making her a valuable and well-rounded member of our team.

Areas of Practice



Commercial Law


Private Client matters


Beyond her professional and academic pursuits, Sophie has a vibrant personal life, with a particular passion for tennis. Her enthusiasm for the sport extends beyond playing at her local club; she harbours aspirations to witness the grandeur of Wimbledon and experience the thrill of watching one of the tennis greats in action. This passion for tennis complements her sociable nature, enjoying meals and gatherings with friends and family, which adds a dynamic layer to her personality.

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