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Mr. Nathan Slaney

Operations Manager

Mr. Nathan Slaney is an indispensable member of Trent Law, offering his leadership and operational expertise across our Nottingham and Derby offices. His academic journey, which began with a degree in Archaeology with History from the University of Chester in 2010, laid a unique foundation for his career. This distinctive blend of disciplines not only honed Mr. Slaney's analytical skills but also ignited a lifelong passion for history, a subject over which he commands notable expertise.


Joining Trent Law in 2021, Mr. Slaney quickly ascended to a pivotal role, leading our Casework Teams with a strategic vision and an operational acumen that have significantly contributed to the efficiency and success of the firm's operations. His role as an Operations Manager for the Nottingham office further exemplifies his multifaceted capabilities and his dedication to ensuring seamless operations across the firm. Mr. Slaney's leadership is instrumental in navigating the complexities of legal casework, fostering a culture of excellence, and driving the firm towards achieving its strategic objectives.


Mr. Nathan Slaney's contributions to Trent Law go beyond his operational and leadership roles, reflecting a profound commitment to excellence, a deep-seated passion for history, and a diverse range of personal interests. His journey with the firm is a testament to the value of interdisciplinary skills and the impact of a well-rounded individual on team leadership and operational management.

Areas of Practice

Conveyancing Purchase


Conveyancing Sale


Conveyancing Remortgage


Conveyancing Transfer of Equity


Beyond his professional commitments, Nathan is a man of diverse interests and pursuits. An avid reader of history, he continues to explore the depths of the past, a passion that complements his academic background. His engagement with numismatics allows him to delve into the tangible aspects of history, expanding his collection with a keen eye for detail and significance. Moreover, his hobby of building and painting scale dioramas offers a creative outlet that not only showcases his artistic talent but also reflects his love for history and storytelling. Nathan's endeavour to learn Russian is a testament to his dedication to personal growth and intellectual challenge, embracing the complexities of a language rich in history and culture.

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