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Miss. Megan Porter

LLB (Hons), LPC Paralegal


Miss Porter is an ambitious and dedicated member of Trent Law. She graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Law with Criminology and successfully completed her Legal Practice Course in 2023 while working full-time.

Prior to joining Trent Law, Miss Porter honed her skills in Public Law Children matters as a childcare paralegal. This role deeply influenced her professional approach, instilling a strong motivation to advocate fervently for her clients’ best interests. At Trent Law, she continues to expand her legal expertise, particularly focusing on broadening her knowledge and building a robust set of skills.

Miss Porter is recognised for her valuable experience across various industries, which has significantly enhanced her adaptability and client-oriented service. She is approachable and friendly, always prioritising the needs and interests of her clients, which makes her an invaluable asset to the Trent Law team.

Areas of Practice



Family Law


Civil Litigation


Immigration Law


Outside the office, Megan has a passion for reading, often spending hours immersed in books. She enjoys hiking and exploring the countryside, which complements her love for crime documentaries and her curiosity about the world. An avid gastronome, Megan relishes trying new foods and experiencing different cultures and activities.

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