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Mr. Irfan Rashid

LLB (Hons), LLM Partner & Solicitor

[Qualified 2012]
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Based in our Sheffield office, Mr. Irfan Rashid's contributions to Trent Law extend beyond his legal acumen. He is a celebrated and adept practising solicitor, known for his comprehensive expertise and significant network within the legal community. His educational background is both solid and impressive, having completed his LLB at Nottingham Trent University, followed by the Legal Practice Course at BPP University in Manchester, and further enriching his knowledge with an LLM in Corporate Law. This formidable education has equipped him with a broad understanding of legal practices and principles, allowing him to offer considerable expertise to Trent Law's clients across a wide spectrum of mandates.


Before his tenure at Trent Law, Mr. Rashid's professional journey was marked by remarkable achievements and contributions to the legal field. Notably, he was nominated for the 'Trainee Solicitor of the Year' award in 2012, where he earned a 'Highly Commended' accolade. This prestigious nomination, proposed by his former training principal and supported by his peers, was celebrated at the Annual Yorkshire Lawyer Awards, highlighting his exemplary performance early in his career. Additionally, his role as a mentor for Sheffield Hallam University showcased his commitment to nurturing future legal talents, providing students with invaluable guidance and encouragement to pursue their professional ambitions.


Mr. Irfan Rashid's multifaceted role at Trent Law, underscored by his legal expertise, mentoring legacy, and diverse interests, exemplifies the values and aspirations of our firm. His journey is not only a testament to his professional dedication but also an inspiration to both his colleagues and clients.

Areas of Practice

Commercial Law


Property Law


Human Rights and Immigration Law


Private Client


Irfan's personal interests add a rich layer to his professional persona. An avid traveller, Mr. Rashid finds joy in exploring new destinations, offering him fresh perspectives and experiences. His support for Sheffield Wednesday reflects his deep connection to the local community and his passion for football. Furthermore, as a member of a shares' investment club, he engages in financial markets, demonstrating his analytical skills and interest in economic trends. His reading preferences, including 'Legacy' by James Kerr and 'Three Cups of Tea' by Greg Mortenson, reveal a penchant for inspirational literature that mirrors his professional and personal ethos. Additionally, his conversational abilities in Punjabi and Urdu enrich his communication skills, enabling him to connect with a broader range of clients and colleagues.

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