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Miss. Eleanor Bender

LLB (Hons), Legal Assistant

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Miss Eleanor Bender is a promising addition to the Trent Law team in Nottingham, bringing with her a passion for the law and a commitment to professional development that is both inspiring and commendable. Having graduated in 2022 with a degree in Law from the University of Nottingham, Miss Bender has embarked on a clear path toward qualifying as a solicitor. Her determination to deepen her legal expertise is evident in her current pursuit of the Legal Practice Course and Masters in Law at Nottingham Trent University, a journey that reflects her dedication to achieving excellence in the legal field.


As a legal assistant in the Caseworker 1 team, Miss Bender's contributions are invaluable. Her academic background provides her with a solid foundation in legal principles, while her ongoing studies ensure she remains at the forefront of legal practice and theory. This combination of knowledge and ambition makes her an asset to the Trent Law team, embodying the firm's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering professional growth.


Miss Eleanor Bender's journey with Trent Law is marked by her passion for the law, her dedication to personal growth, and her rich array of hobbies. Her role within the firm and her varied interests outside of it showcase a well-rounded individual who brings both expertise and vibrancy to the Trent Law team.

Areas of Practice



Commercial Law


Private Client matters


Outside the legal realm, Eleanor's personal interests showcase a vibrant and multifaceted character. As a practitioner of kickboxing, she exemplifies discipline, focus, and resilience—qualities that undoubtedly influence her professional approach with tenacity and determination. Her musical prowess, particularly her skill in playing the cello, reflects patience, precision, and dedication, providing a creative and harmonious counterbalance to the challenges of legal studies and practice. Additionally, her passion for reading not only broadens her intellectual horizons but also enhances her analytical abilities and empathy, enriching both her personal and professional development. These hobbies collectively underscore Eleanor's dynamic personality, contributing to her holistic growth and her invaluable contribution to the Trent Law team.

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