Notary Public


A Notary Public is an internationally recognised legal professional, with the authority to authenticate and certify the documents required for use abroad.

A Notary Public is usually required when dealing with overseas matters. Their primary role is the preparation, validation, and certification of documents under an official seal. If you have dealings abroad, whether commercial or personal, then is it likely that you will need the services of a Notary Public.

We can provide services throughout the Midlands and Yorkshire. Appointments can be held at the offices of Trent Law (Solicitors) in Nottingham, Derby or Sheffield, or by prior arrangement at your office.

Some countries will accept a Notary’s certificate alone, while others will require a further international certificate called an ‘Apostille’, which is issued by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office under the Hague Convention and is sometimes referred to as a ‘Hague Apostille’. Some countries will require further legalisation at their embassy or consulate.

Dr Aamir Nawaz, a partner at Trent Law (Solicitors), is a qualified Notary Public and authorised to practise throughout England and Wales. He is able to authenticate documents for use in rest of the world. He can notarise documents for you, and obtain any necessary Apostille or consular legalisation, and also arrange for onward couriering of your document abroad.

Dr Aamir Nawaz practices notary under Trent Notary Limited.

Notary Services

Notaries provide independent verification and witnessing of documents relating to transactions and matters abroad.

Some of the examples that requires Notary Public:

Administration of oaths and declarations


Attesting signatures and execution of documents


Certification of academic documents


Change of name documents (deed polls)


Documents for working abroad


International affidavits


Notarised copies of identification and other documents


Powers of attorney (preparation and execution)


Travel consents (these are often required by airlines)

We will always quote you a fixed fee for Notarial work. Some matters are usually complex, and it is not always possible to tell at the outset how long the task is likely to take, we will charge on the basis of the time spent on your matter.

Our minimum or base fee is £80, and hourly rate is £250.

We are not registered for VAT; therefore, no further VAT is payable on top of our fees.