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Mr. Amarie Colphon

LLB (Hons), LLM Associate


Mr. Amarie Colphon is a vital and dynamic member of Trent Law, whose career trajectory from Paralegal to Associate exemplifies dedication and the pursuit of legal excellence. His academic journey began with a degree in Law with Criminology from Birmingham City University in 2019, blending a passion for the legal system with an interest in the sociological aspects of crime. This foundational education set the stage for his advanced studies at the University of Law (Nottingham), where he completed both his Legal Practice Course and Master of Laws in 2020, demonstrating not only his commitment to the legal profession but also his capability for rigorous academic pursuit.


Prior to joining Trent Law in 2022, Mr. Colphon gained valuable experience in the customer service sector within the insurance industry. This role honed his interpersonal skills and deepened his understanding of client service, attributes that he has seamlessly integrated into his legal practice. His transition from customer service to law was marked by the offer of a training contract at Trent Law in the same year, a pivotal moment that catalysed his transition to an Associate within the firm.

Currently serving as an Associate at Trent Law, Mr. Colphon brings a unique blend of academic achievement, practical experience, and personal values to his role. His journey reflects the ethos of Trent Law, embodying our commitment to nurturing talent, promoting a healthy work-life balance, and providing exceptional service to our clients. Mr. Colphon’s role in the firm is not only a testament to his individual achievements but also a reflection of Trent Law’s dedication to fostering the next generation of legal practitioners.

Areas of Practice



Family Law


Civil Litigation


Amarie's commitment to a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing is as evident in his personal life as his dedication is in his professional realm. He places a high value on eating well and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, recognising the importance of physical health in achieving professional success and personal satisfaction. His appreciation for quality time with friends and family underscores the significance he places on personal relationships, contributing to a well-rounded individual who values both his career and his life outside of work.

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